YOGA - KEEPING IT UP is a succinct, easy-to-read outline of yoga and its benefits. Designed to suit those with little or no experience and agility to the well-informed, YOGA - KEEPING IT UP provides background information covering basic philosophy, insight into the endocrine system, warm-ups, stretches and gentle asanas - postures, to stronger, more challenging poses. These are demonstrated by an experienced practitioner and shown in full colour photographs. Some benefits are listed with the postures.

The book includes breathing exercises – pranayama, preparation for meditation and guidance for stress management relaxation. Last, but not least, it also includes a brief story of food – food for thought, for health and well-being. Part of the yoga philosophy is Ahimsa: non-injury by thought, word or deed. Deed includes to other living Beings. The yoga diet is vegetarian and for many these days, vegan. This chapter explains why.

Following this guide may assist in building flexibility and strength, focusing the mind and bringing about a greater level of awareness. Yoga, including breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation can calm the emotions and aid positive outlook.



The Author

Pamela has been a yoga teacher for almost 35 years. She trained in the early 1980s and holds two teaching diplomas. In addition to regular teacher workshops, her ongoing studies in world religions and philosophies covering, myth, ritual and the sacred, have further enhanced the spiritual dimensions of yoga.

The author’s background in health, diet, psychology and counselling focus on the integration of wellbeing, stress management and relaxation.

A member of AMORC for 35 years, Pamela has spoken throughout Queensland and Northern NSW on subjects such as the glands and psychic centres, psychometry and vibrations, the subconscious and conscious minds, using intuition, thoughts, sacred space, mantras, yoga versus other systems of wellbeing, habits and the subconscious, and more.

In this book, Pamela combines various traditional yoga methodologies for ease, strength and flow. She also contrasts yoga’s eastern influence with a veil of western-based mystery school essence, creating a balance unique to her instruction.




 Pamela Mariko has always embodied an intention to inspire within us, the spiritualisation of matter. This being via yoga, breathing, diet and conscious choices, the reawakening our inner candle - and to realise our incarnation as spiritual beings having an earth experience. She has whole heartedly dedicated her life to this continuous quest.  Tim Lynch - Host - NZ

YOGA – KEEPING IT UP is a practical, easy to understand guide to doing your yoga practice at home. For beginners right through to advanced, it’s a must-have for all yoga devotees. Robin Storey, Author and yoga practitioner.

YOGA - Keeping It Up

YOGA - Keeping It Up by Pamela Mariko

YOGA - Keeping It Up
Also available as an eBook

YOGA - Keeping It Up by Pamela Mariko

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