If you enjoyed TV’s Love Child series, remember the 60’s, have experienced loss, or were ever crazy about a boy – you’ll enjoy this story.

With the elements of humour and pathos, this fictionalised memoir, set during a unique time in history, encapsulates issues concerning families and young adults – especially at that time.

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Panel reviews from The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, 2011 


• Prose: 5-stars; Very great characterization and pacing. Overall: 5-stars; It's ready for prime time. Hook: 5-stars; Easily. I very much want to find out if Andrea is pregnant, and if she'll be okay with the wake of her move and her father's death. Prose: 5-stars; Very great characterization and pacing.

• Originality: 5-stars; Pretty sure this is my first teen pregnancy novel this year, and the prose is very original and unusual. I love the M/M/C symbolism and the tarot cards - reminds me a lot of Joanne Harris, and it's nice to see pagan-friendly literature.

• ...mature, intelligent and a stunning reading experience. It should rank very highly in the Young Adult genre but it is also worthy of an advanced placement in the more coveted General Literature genre. The narration successfully employs the first person narrative voice as well as a liberal use of authentic dialogue in a charming English (UK) vernacular. The characters are fully realized and three dimensional. This will undoubtedly become a successful novel. It is fresh, original and compelling. The writing is fluid and mature, showing an extraordinary amount of polish and panache. I enjoyed it very much and applaud the author!

• ...scenes that could have been melodramatic are instead written deftly with a mix of humor and pathos. She (Andrea) grows up a lot, keeping the attention of readers through it all, to eventually find a bright new beginning. Publishers Weekly, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest 2011

• The pacing and characterization is superb, and the opening is such a strong hook - pregnancy scares and (sarcastic?) threats of suicide, all covered with this wonderfully dry wit. I think it would have been easy to turn Andrea into a snarking Mary Sue, but that thankfully hasn't happened - she seems very real and genuinely vulnerable.
Ana Mardoll, reviewer, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest 2011

• I found this fascinating. I was wondering how teenagers today would relate to it. (EG no morning after pill in the sixties) I am a Librarian & I run a teenage reading group in the Library. They were all very interested in the book and want to find out what happens next. It has many surprises and twists and turns and the pace is just right. D.Bruno, UK.

Award Winning

Besides making semi-finals in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest, 2011, the manuscript won the Varuna Longlines in 08, and the Olvar Woods Fellowship Award in 2010. 

On the outer level…

In Red Moon secrets of a sixties schoolgirl, Andrea's father is killed crossing the road for cigarettes, her best friend dumps her and her horse has to be put down. She knows a way to get through the north midland gloom and her fog of misery - she'll get pop-star Lennon look-alike, Brendan James, and lose her virginity. What she hasn't planned on, is being a fourteen-year-old mum to be, or, on the opportunities afforded via the move south to London, where life could be fun…

On the inner level…

Red Moon secrets of a sixties schoolgirl, is a journey of psychological initiation towards balance.

Red Moon is symbolic, in many cultures, of the woman’s time of menstruation.

The two chimney columns or industrial furnaces, one blackened, one lighter, are symbolic of the pillars of opposites inherent in life, and, within the self. Angry smoke corridors billowing in between those columns, mirror how Andrea is being buffeted between bad and 'not so bad' events, as she perceives them.

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Chapter Listing:

chapter 1:  Long Dark Night
chapter 2:  God and Billy
chapter 3:  Rise and Fall
chapter 4:  Silence Sticks and Songs
chapter 5:  The Diary
chapter 6:  Christmas
chapter 7:  Winter World
chapter 8:  Breaking Seas
chapter 9:  Silhouettes
chapter 10: Stranger in the Mist
chapter 11: Time and Tide
chapter 12: Winds of Change
chapter 13: Times They Are A-Changing
chapter 14: Never Go Home Anymore
chapter 15: My Secret
chapter 16: Rite of Passage
chapter 17: Two Bulging Chimneys
chapter 18: Grammar Sounds and Sayings
chapter 19: Bed, Bath and Prayer
chapter 20: Gin in the Bath
chapter 21: Wishing and Hoping
chapter 22: Red Moon Drama
chapter 23: Red Moon and Them
chapter 24: Black is Black
chapter 25: Red Moon Rising
chapter 26: Moon Between the Pillars