About Pamela Mariko, her books and competition wins and placements.

Pamela says she writes ‘As I remember it fiction’, women’s fiction and non-fiction.

Besides being an author, Pamela is a yoga teacher of 35 years. She published her non-fiction book YOGA – KEEPING IT UP, during late 2019. At the same time, she reissued her first book, RED MOON: SECRETS OF A SIXTIES SCHOOLGIRL. It was originally published in 2015, the same year she gained placement in the SCLA - Sunshine Coast Literary Association, Memoir Competition, with TAKEN ONCE.

Previously, RED MOON: SECRETS OF A SIXTIES SCHOOLGIRL made semi-finals in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award, (then titled RED MOON RISING), gaining five-star reviews from Amazon panel editors and Publisher’s Weekly.

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Pamela won an Olvar Woods Fellowship Award and a Varuna Longlines with the same book. She also won a Varuna Longlines with BRIDGE OVER ALBION, (a work in progress) and an RWNZ – Romance Writers New Zealand, placement in a Meet the Editor Competition with HASTA LA VISTA.

A former freelance travel and property writer, Pamela lives on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, and enjoys spending time with her partner, good friends, family visitors and her cat!

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Red Moon
Secrets of a 60's School Girl

Also available as an eBook

it up

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Also available as an eBook