What happens when a not-quite-teenager is catapulted into a black hole of grief and loss, in a cold grey city bordering the bleak English moors?

…Andrea Hampton is going to break through the north midland gloom and her fog of misery her way. She’ll get Brendan James, and be like the older girls. But there are three events she hasn’t planned on – events that would change her life, again…

This award winning novel will take you on a journey through the ‘dark night of the soul’ to light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s a ‘coming of age’ story, based on real life events in the mid-1960s, UK: a world of pirate radio, Beatles, duke boxes, mods and rockers and suspenders set against fog and furnaces to final sunshine. It’s an evocation of rebellion, discontent and decisions amidst grief, love and longing.

The manuscript won the Varuna Longlines in 08, the Olvar Woods Fellowship Award in 2010 and made semi-finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, 2011.

If you enjoyed TV’s Love Child series – you’ll enjoy this story.


Saving Mary's Baby by Pamelo Mariko book image



Do you ever wonder how animals feel? Grace and Christian didn’t think much about it, but they were always kind to animals on their farm. Then one day, something very unusual, and special, happens to them in the field at the bottom of their farmhouse. It changes their lives and their thinking. Because of their new knowledge, they make a pact to help a mother and save her baby, no matter how difficult. The mother is Mary, and she happens to be their cow. Haysoo is Mary’s baby. But, to save baby Haysoo, they must embark on a scary journey and hide from dreadful men. They are determined to succeed. Come share their journey…










YOGA - KEEPING IT UP is a succinct, easy-to-read outline of yoga and its benefits. Designed to suit those with little or no experience and agility to the well-informed, YOGA - KEEPING IT UP provides background information covering basic philosophy, insight into the endocrine system, warm-ups, stretches and gentle asanas - postures, to stronger, more challenging poses. These are demonstrated by an experienced practitioner and shown in full colour photographs. Some benefits are listed with the postures.

The book includes breathing exercises – pranayama, preparation for meditation and guidance for stress management relaxation. Last, but not least, it also includes a brief story of food – food for thought, for health and well-being. Part of the yoga philosophy is Ahimsa: non-injury by thought, word or deed. Deed includes to other living Beings. The yoga diet is vegetarian and for many these days, vegan. This chapter explains why.

Following this guide may assist in building flexibility and strength, focusing the mind and bringing about a greater level of awareness. Yoga, including breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation can calm the emotions and aid positive outlook.






About the Author ... Pam Mariko...

Pamela Mariko grew up near UK’s bleak Moors, where Red Moon: secrets of a sixties schoolgirl, (formerly Red Moon Rising), is set. 

Pam is a 2011 semi-finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award and gained five star reviews from Amazon panel editors and Publishers Weekly.

In 2010 she won the Olvar Woods Fellowship Award, and in 2008 the Varuna Longlines. 

Besides this book, Pam also writes women’s fiction. 

A former freelance travel and property writer, she is now driven to follow her heart and concentrate on novels.

Pam lives on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and enjoys spending time with her partner, family visitors, good friends and her cat.

Panel reviews from The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, 2011

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I found this fascinating. I was wondering how teenagers today would relate to it. (EG no morning after pill in the sixties) I am a Librarian & I run a teenage reading group in the Library. They were all very interested in the book and want to find out what happens next. It has many surprises and twists and turns and the pace is just right.

D.Bruno UK

...scenes that could have been melodramatic are instead written deftly with a mix of humor and pathos. She (Andrea) grows up a lot, keeping the attention of readers through it all, to eventually find a bright new beginning.

Publishers Weekly

The pacing and characterization is superb, and the opening is such a strong hook - pregnancy scares and (sarcastic?) threats of suicide, all covered with this wonderfully dry wit. I think it would have been easy to turn Andrea into a snarking Mary Sue, but that thankfully hasn't happened - she seems very real and genuinely vulnerable.

Ana Mardoll

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