Do you ever wonder how animals feel? Grace and Christian didn’t think much about it, but they were always kind to animals on their farm. Then one day, something very unusual, and special, happens to them in the field at the bottom of their farmhouse. It changes their lives and their thinking. Because of their new knowledge, they make a pact to help a mother and save her baby, no matter how difficult. The mother is Mary, and she happens to be their cow. Haysoo is Mary’s baby. But, to save baby Haysoo, they must embark on a scary journey and hide from dreadful men. They are determined to succeed. Come share their journey…

 The Author’s Word

This little booklet and the adventure to save an animal and reunite him with his mother, is more than that. It is an insight to what happens in the world we live in, the separation of Mum and baby at an early age, and what is to come – without any gory details. For young children, it’s a story, but it can also be a teaching tool regarding animal ethics for children generally. For older guys and girls whose mother tongue is not English, it’s an easy TESOL read.

 The Author

 Pamela Mariko is mainly a writer of women’s fiction. Her book, Red Moon: Secrets of a Sixties Schoolgirl, a cross-over novel for young adults and baby boomers alike, was an award winner.

As a yoga teacher of 35 years, the author cares about non injury to living beings. She cares about animals and animal ethics. Saving Mary’s Baby is food for thought, as is, what we put on our plate and how we think of animals.

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Saving Mary's Baby by Pamela Mariko

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Saving Mary's Baby by Pamela Mariko